Service Provider Survey - Access Without Fear - No One Is Illegal Fredericton

Please contact Connor MacKenzie ( to return your survey responses. Thank you for your participation and support of NOII!


On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being “unaware” and 10 being “very aware”, how aware are you and your staff of migrant justice issues? 



What is your organization’s experience with or relationship to the migrant community?





What are the requirements for someone to access your services?





Does a potential client need to have legal status (permanent resident, visa, refugee status, etc.) to access your services?




If an undocumented person were to access your services, is there anyone you might be required to or feel compelled to report their citizenship status to? Who?





What barriers might an undocumented person encounter accessing services from other agencies in your field? (Ex: housing outreach services for homeless shelter residents)





How can your organization support implementing Access Without Fear in Fredericton?





What can NOII do to support your efforts?







In your opinion, how can political bodies facilitate your support of migrant justice issues?





What kind of support would your organization need to implement Access Without Fear?

  • Resources:


  • Policies:


  • Police:


  • City services:


  • Other:



What kind of benefits do you think Access Without Fear would have for…

  • Your organization:


  • Your clients/target population:


  • The community at large:



Do you have any partner organizations that would be affected by your implementation of access without fear? Who are they?





Does your organization utilize any sort of provincial or national database that requests or requires input of clients’ citizenship status? Do other organizations have access to these?





What kind of migrant justice issues do you deal with in your field?




What is your opinion/perception of non-status people?