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Fredericton to rally for former child refugee facing deportation

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Fredericton — On Monday, January 15, Fredericton residents will gather at MP Matt DeCourcey’s office (494 Queen St.) at 12:00pm to show their support for letting Abdoulkader Abdi stay in Canada just before he goes before his second detention review hearing in St. Hilaire, NB at 2:00pm.

Abdoulkader Abdi is a 24 year old man who came to Canada as a child refugee from Somalia. He spent his childhood in foster care in Nova Scotia and is currently in segregation at the Madawaska Correctional Regional Centre in St. Hilaire, NB, where he is facing deportation. The Department of Children’s Services failed to make an application for Canadian citizenship for Abdoul, which has left him facing deportation today as an adult.

Abdoul’s supporters from across the country are calling on the Canadian government to release him from detention and halt his deportation until the Federal Court hears his court case. The group demands the same for all others who came to Canada as young children but were denied citizenship by the inaction of child welfare agencies and the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

Fredericton residents will hold an information picket outside Fredericton MP Matt DeCourcey’s office and hand deliver a letter to the MP that they sent to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister Ahmed D. Hussen, himself a Somali refugee, on Jan. 5, 2018. The media and public are invited to be present.


Abdoulkader Abdi came to Canada when he was six years old with his mother and sister. He became a permanent ward of the state at the age of seven years old and then spent his childhood in 20 different foster homes in Nova Scotia. The Department of Community Services (DCS), which is responsible for child protection in Nova Scotia, did not make a citizenship application for Adboul and his sister. The Deputy Minister of that department recently stated that Canada has no policies for children in its care who are non-citizens. DCS does not expect to fix this policy gap until March 2019. Abdoul can’t wait. He is currently in detention, awaiting possible deportation, away from his young daughter, his sister and family. He has been informed that he will be deported to Somalia, an extremely dangerous country where he has no family or system of supports.


Contact: noiifredericton@gmail.com

No One Is Illegal Fredericton is a migrant justice group that demands an end to immigration detention and deportations.

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