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EVENT: Why Full Immigration #StatusForAll?

"Why Full Immigration #StatusForAll?"

Online Teach-in with No-One Is Illegal - Fredericton

September 20, 2020 at 2:00 PM ADT


Join us for a teach-in with No One Is Illegal - Fredericton to learn more about the call for permanent residence status for all. 

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating on our communities. And those living with precarious immigration status - temporary foreign workers, international students, refugee claimants, stateless individuals and others - have been hardest hit.  

Migrant workers have died from the pandemic, yet our immigration system continues to treat them as disposable for their labour. Refugee claimants continue to be turned away at the US border even though the Federal Court found the US-Canada Safe Third Country Agreement unconstitutional.

Migrant groups have been calling for permanent residency upon arrival as the only policy solution that makes sense. We can end the exploitation of migrants only if we stop forcing people to live in precarity.


Jamie Liew is an assistant professor at the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Law, and an expert on immigration and refugee law.

Luce Thériault is a student, NOII Member and former settlement worker in Fredericton.

Gül Çalışkan is a NOII Member, labour leader and assistant professor at Saint Thomas University.

Tia Dafnos is a NOII Member and assistant professor at the University of New Brunswick

Aditya Rao is a NOII Member, lawyer and union activist.


This event is part of the September 20th Day of Action organized by the Migrant Rights Network

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